Learning about colour CAN be FUN!

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I LOVE sharing and teaching and I strive to inspire you to become the best artist you can be. Painting is about connection and what better way to connect with you than to take one of my workshops!

What will you do in one of my workshops?

  • Learn how to start painting and stop thinking about painting!
  • Learn by painting/sketching small and fast - have a sense of completion
  • Learn the basics (shape, value, colour, composition) and simplify
  • Find your creative voice!

Have FUN!

Upcoming classes at the artHouse

No Scheduled Classes at this time!

Read a bit about what you will learn in  one of my classes​...

Just Paint!!

Start painting and Stop thinking about painting! Simplify the process,learn quick tools for value, colour, composition and sketching, learn to see as an artist, paint from life. We’ll be doing lots of exercises to improve your skills! Loosen up and Enjoy the process!

In this class you will learn how to start, choose what to paint, how to choose tools and materials, explore different techniques, learn to see as an artist, find your artistic voice!

Suitable for EVERYONE!  beginners, intermediate and experienced artists!

Location for all Classes at:

The artHouse 

10344 Bottom Wood Lake Road

Lake Country, BC.

Classes and Workshops can be paid for online through PayPal or in person before classes start at my Studio in the ArtHouse (cheque, cash or credit card accepted.)  Call me before you visit:  250.863.7904

With PayPal, you don't need a PayPal account; just follow the instructions after you click the button!

A Happy Class!

Getting Started...

A supply list and outline will be sent out when you register (online or by phone). 

​Minimum 3 students to hold a class!  If you are thinking about registering, do it soon!  

Maximum class size is 8 students.​